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Learn Different Types of Hats for Men & Women

Hats are considered as the kinds of fashionable wearing things that today’s generation people are accepting. If we look at the fascinating history of the hats, it will be a fantastic experience to know about them.

Over the centuries, hats have been considered as the symbol of looking rich and different, afterward, it was accepted as a fashionable statement for people, and sometimes, it became a requirement for them.

Types of Hats

These hats have such an amazing and interesting history and story that they acquire a place like an addition to the men’s wardrobe and feel a touch of style and glamour to some outfits.

Not every hat suits every person’s face and body structure, but it looks wonderful in some people, enhancing the person’s charm, whether a man or a woman.

Apart from the styles and fashions, it adds as a protector used to protect oneself from dust, pollution and prevents the scalps and hair from external injury.

They can come in all shapes and sizes depending on the people and their state of fashion.

different types of hats with pictures

Types of Hats for Mens

  1. Akubra Men HatAkubra RM hat
  2. Ascot Cap The Ascot Cap: What Is It And How To Wear One – Fashionable Hats |
  3. Balaclava Beechfield - Micro Fleece Balaclava
  4. Baseball Cap   Navy baseball cap | Profuomo B.V.
  5. Beret
  6. Boater Hat Traditional Wheat Straw Boater Hat with Navy & Burgundy Band - Small - 55cm
  7. Bobble Hat Blue and Burgundy Wool Cable Knit Bobble Hat
  8. Bonnet Le Bonnet Le Grand Bonnet Snow at
  9. Boonie Hat Packable Cotton Boonie Hat - Putty – Jaxon & James
  10. Bowler Hat Why is it called a Bowler Hat? - Lock & Co. Hatters
  11. Bucket hat Bucket Hat in Pink and Green Hibiscus. – The Hat Project
  12. Campaign Hat What is a Campaign Hat? –
  13. Chullo Hat Alpaca Crochet Chullo Hat
  14. Chupalla Hat Chupalla hat hi-res stock photography and images - Alamy
  15. Coonskin Hat frr Raccoon Fur Coonskin Cap at Amazon Men’s Clothing store
  16. Cowboy Hat Stetson Hats - Western, Outdoor, Fedora & Caps | Official Site
  17. Cricket Hat Kookaburra Cricket Sun Hat Anti Crinkle Comfortable Towel Banded Wide Brim Hat
  18. Custodian Hat Custodian helmet - Wikipedia
  19. Derby Hat Mens Black Derby Hat Black Bowler Hats for Men Bowler Derby - Etsy
  20. Fedora Mens' Fedora - Short Brim Gray Fedora - Crushable Felt Fedora – Hero Moose Hats
  21. Fez Fez Hat Perth | Hurly-Burly
  22. Gallon Hat Ten-gallon hat definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary
  23. Garrison Cap Side cap - Wikipedia
  24. Gatsby Hat Wool Gatsby - Brown herringbone windowpane - Worth and Worth
  25. Homburg Hat Churchill Homburg Hat - The Hat Outlet
  26. Ivy Cap Ivy Cap, Imported from Ireland
  27. Kepi Hat European style Kepi hat in black leather – Wolfstryker Leather
  28. Newsboy Hat Newsboy cap - Wikipedia
  29. Pakol Hat Traditional Wool Pakol me440 » Alhannah Islamic Clothing
  30. Panama Hat Classic Panama Hat Vintage Fashionable Hat with Wide Brim Travel Supply Unisex | eBay
  31. Papakha Hat Hat Natural (papakha) | eBay
  32. Party Hat Birthday Bash Party Hats 8 Pack - Multi | BIG W
  33. Peaked Hat Peaked cap - Wikipedia
  34. Pith Helmet Mil-Tec Pith Helmet (Khaki, French Army) : Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry
  35. Pork Pie Hat Lined Pork Pie Hat - Premium Wool, Fabric Protected
  36. Sailor Hat Sailor Hat 8in x 4in | Party City
  37. Straw Hat Men's Straw Hat – Townsends
  38. Sun Hat The Best Sun Hat For Hikers Reviews By Wirecutter, 57% OFF
  39. Tam Cap Luxury Tartan Tam | CLAN
  40. The Breton CapSaint James Traditional Breton hat, Sailor Captain Hat Navy Blue Wool Casquette Marin Saint James - THE NAUTICAL COMPANY UK
  41. The Deerstalker Sherlock Holmes Hat,Deerstalker Hat Classic Cos Play for Adults and Children, Grey, Small : Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry
  42. The Sou’wester Hat The Original Sou'wester Hat - Mustard – yarmouthoilskins
  43. The Umbrella Hat Umbrella Hat | Bits and Pieces UK
  44. The Yarmulke Hand knitted yarmulke kippah hat on the man head. An unidentifiable person wearing a traditional embroidered skullcap. Oriental folk fashion hat with pattern. view from the back Stock Photo | Adobe Stock
  45. Top Hat Stovepipe Top Hat - The Mens Stovepiper – American Hat Makers
  46. Toque Hat (Aka Chef’s Hat) = UK /təʊk/ US /toʊk/Toques From The Heart
  47. Who Made That Chef's Toque? - The New York Times
  48. Trapper Hat Tough Headwear Winter Trapper Hat - Russian Ushanka Trooper Aviator Hats for Men & Women - Snow Eskimo Hat with Ear Flaps at Amazon Women's Clothing store
  49. Trilby Hat Black Trilby Hat Handmade Wool Felt Crushable - Camden
  50. Turban Understanding Turbans -
  51. Tyrolean Hat Tyrolean hat Oktoberfest olive green suede at
  52. Green Tyrolean Hat with Feather -
  53. Ushanka Hat  What is an Ushanka Hat? - ThreadCurve
  54. Vagabond Hat Vagabond Hat Company
  55. Vagabond Blue Green - Worth & Worth - Hat Maker - Custom Hats - NYC
  56. Whoopee Cap Whoopee Cap Portugal, SAVE 31% -
  57. Barretina The Beret Project: The Barretina
  58. Bicorne Hat Bicorn decorated | Venetian Hat Carnival Costume59. Biretta Custom Monsignor Biretta - Black Pom : Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry
  59. Bullfighter Hat Adult Bullfighter Hat - Samaroo's Limited
  60. A matador's hat is traditionally worn by the bullfighter or torero during a bullfight. It is a flat-topped hat, with a round bulb a… | Hat fashion, Fashion, Matador
  61. Busby 418 Busby Hat Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock
  62. Capello Cappello romano - Wikipedia
  63. Dhaka Topi Dhaka Topi: The Symbol Of Nepalese Nationality - Handicrafts In Nepal
  64. Gandhi Cap Gandhi cap hi-res stock photography and images - Page 2 - Alamy
  65. Ghutra Shemagh/ghutra and agal | Israel clothes, Men dress, Headdress
  66. Mitre  = UK /ˈmaɪ.tər/ US  /ˈmaɪ.t̬ɚ/Mitre – ceremonial headdress of Bishops and Abbots : Hat Guide
  67. Shtreimel Shtreimel Hat with Payes : Clothing & Accessories
  68. Zucchetto Buy Clergy Zucchetto Sale | Clergy Skull Caps in Black, White, Church  Purple , Red -Shop Religious Supplies

Types of Hats for Womens

  1. Ayam Hat Ayam (cap) - Wikipedia
  2. Beanie Pull-On Hat For Women Beanie / Pull On Hat Ella by Gisela Mayer - buy online in store
  3. Beret = UK /ˈber.eɪ/ US /bəˈreɪ/
  4. Bonnet White Pioneer Women's Bonnet Hat Wide Brim Adult Prairie Costume Accessory Amish | eBay
  5. Silk Bonnet for Natural Hair Bonnets for Black Women, Satin Bonnet for Long Hair Cap for Sleeping, Large Silk Hair Wrap for Curly Hair Bonnet for Sleeping | Walmart Canada
  6. Boudoir Caps Boudoir cap | American | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  7. 1920's Boudoir Cap | Textillia
  8. Breton Hat For Women Linen breton cap women's summer newsboy hat baker boy cotton peach color | Caps&HatsUA
  9. Bucket Hat Bucket Hat for Women Summer Sun Hats Womens Mens Packable Cotton Beach Bucket Hats for Travelling at Amazon Women's Clothing store
  10. Cappello Romano Cappello Hats
  11. Cartwheel Hat Cartwheel hat - Wikipedia
  12. Cloche Hat Cloche hat - Wikipedia
  13. Cocktail Hat Coralie' Coral cocktail hat
  14. Colorful Braided Straw Hat For Women SUPERB Braided straw hat - NATURAL or COLORED - Man & Woman - Moro – BOUTIQUE HULÉTI
  15. Crochet Hat For Women Crochet Hat PATTERN Slouchy Boho Beanie Crochet Pattern - Etsy
  16. Crochet Hat PATTERN Boho Beanie Babe Crochet Pattern for - Etsy
  17. Derby Hat Kentucky Derby hats: These 11 milliners are ready to take your order
  18. Fascinator Hat 7 Fascinator hat ideas - The House That Lars Built
  19. Floppy Hat Womens Sun Hat, Floppy Beach Summer Hats with Wide Brim, Packable Lace Hats for Women Beige at Amazon Women's Clothing store
  20. Half Hat A wonderful Half Hat by Mein wunderbarer Hutsalon: Perfect for Spring
  21. Kettle Brim Hat Kettle Turn Up Brim Sun Hat, Equestrian Hat | Baron Equestrian
  22. Kufi Kufi Hat Skull Cap Chemo Knit Headwrap beanie Stretchable Handmade Extra Large One Size Fits for both Men and Women (Pink) : Clothing & Accessories
  23. Peach Basket Hat Hat Types: The Peach Basket | Royal Hats
  24. Pillbox Hat What is a Pillbox Hat? - Lock & Co. Hatters
  25. Plain Straw Hat For Women Plain Straw Hat - Etsy
  26. Sun Hat 12 Best Sun Hats for Women to Wear in 2023
  27. Tennis Hat For Women Women Outdoor Stripe Sun Hat Tennis Hat Ladies Large Brim Elastic Sports  Headband Round Visor Hat -
  28. Tricorn Hat Ladies' tricorn hat with lace appliques | Outfit4Events
  29. Tudor Bonnet Tudor Bonnets, men and Women: A Portfolio of Images
  30. Doctoral Tudor Bonnet (PhD cap) | eBay
  31. Vagabond Hat Ladies Vagabond Leather Hat - Jet Black | Whiteknuckler Brand

Different Types of Hats with Facts

  1. Balaclava

The balaclava cap is a head wrap cap, not a hat, and it is mainly accepted by men that come under this classification. It encloses the face and entire neck of a person relieving the eyes only.

  1. Baseball Cap

The baseball caps are one of the most popular caps among the different hats in the modern world and are also a part of the sporting wear which helps players from the sun rays while playing the games on the field. There will be a print of their team logo, badges, and brands on the caps of each player or even the supporters of any particular team.

  1. Beret

The beret is a famous hat worn in the country of France, and it has become a fashion statement over there among the people.

  1. Bonnet

A bonnet is a classic hat that is mostly worn by women. Nowadays, this has fallen out of fashion because of the rare change in size, shapes, and statement. It may look in the fancy dress parties and rich programs of the ladies’ organizations like kitty parties in the early 1920s.

  1. Bucket Hat

The bucket hats are accepted and mostly used by the farmers and fishers to protect themselves from the sunlight in middays. It has also been a part of fashion by both men and women to show their trendy look.


6. Cowboy Hat


The cowboy hat is the most popular hat among all other hats in men, and it will always be seen and adored in western movies. These are used on a daily basis by the people of the southern states of the USA.

  1. Fedora cap

Fedora cap is a well-known classic cap that looks like a floating head tops of the gangsters of the old-time classic movies.

  1. Fez hat

These hats are more exotic hats than other hats, and it comes from one of the most popular hats in the whole world by today itself. These hats are known for their large tassel that hangs off the top of the head of a person who wears it.

  1. Sun Hat

The sun hat, the name itself tells us about the hat. It is the most common hat among men and women to be worn in the sunshine. Because of the wide brim of this hat, it is used to protect them from the direct rays and their adverse effects. Most of the ladies wear this hat while surfing near the beach, scrolling in the parks, or for fashionable purposes.


10. Top Hat


The top hat is another classic one worn by the civilized gentlemen of the world since ancient times. The brim of this hat is wide and has a tall crown. It has been shown on historical figures like Abraham Lincoln.

  1. Akubra Men Hat

An Akubra men hat is well known for its bush and is manufactured in Australia by the Australian Manufacturer, which has a wide brim and dents on both sides of the crown. It is also called bush hats and is famously worn by Horse Racers.

  1. Ascot hat

The Ascot hat is a woolen hat traditionally designed in the early 1900s. This cap is also called the Lip pin cotton hat. The ascot hat is also considered a semi-formal hat for men.

  1. Plain Straw Hat For Women

The plain straw type of hat is specially designed for women by elegant designers, and women mostly accept the straw hat because the brim of this hat is made of a pair of colorful balls in structure and looks attractive. This hat is also called the Panama hat.

  1. Colorful Braided Straw Hat For Women

The colorful braided straw hats are used as summer hats by the women, and it looks attractive because of their colorful outlook, which attracts a girl’s eye to it. It can also be used at beachside parties that easily match with the thin beachside dress and a pair of beach sandals, respectively.

  1. Crochet Hat For Women

The crochet hat is for women and looks elegant on them, and it is very easily available in multi-colors in the market depending on the color of the dress to match.

  1. Beanie Pull-On Hat For Women

The beanie hat is designed for women, a unique kind of hat made of cloth material. This is good for wearing by women and designed comfortably.

  1. Boater Hat

The boater hat is a kind of men’s hat, and it is also called a Seaman’s hat. It is mostly made up of straw-type material and is designed flat to wear on the head, and the brim feels special when wearing. Young, as well as middle-aged people, can wear it.

  1. Cricket Hat

The cricket hat is named after such hats after being worn by the Umpires during the cricket game. This hat is made of medium-thick cotton material, and the brim is slightly loose and has a shallow crow part on the crown. It makes them feel comfortable from the sunlight, and also it provides an ease to the eyes of the umpires from the giant flashlights that illuminate the stadium.

  1. Gatsby Hat

The Gatsby hat is normally designed and worn by men because of its classic design and material. This hat is quite soft and thick as compared to others.

  1. Tennis Hat for Women

The tennis hat is a half-designed hat whose crown part is not visual because of the thick and heaving rim with a thin strap available in different colors and materials.

  1. Party Hat

The party hats are designed like an inverted cone on the crown of the hat, and the materials used in designing this hat are glittery and shiny papers to look attractive and unique. It also has a thread to make it stable on the head during enjoyment.

  1. Peaked Hat:

The peaked hat is a commonly used hat worn by military persons, pilots, police officers, and ship Captains. The crown of this hat is flat and has a sloppy outlook with a thick band.

  1. Bowler Hat

The Bowler’s hat is a complex, felt hat that has a narrow brim and a well-round crown. This hat was mostly worn by the 19th-century workers of the railway and the cowboys also.

  1. Boonie Hat

The Boonie hat became popular during the Vietnam War. It is a soft cap made of fabric and polyester. It has a flat crown and wide-brimmed usually slopes that provide shade on the face. It can easily be folded and tucked somewhere when not in use and

  1. Custodian Hat

The custodian cap is also called the custodian helmet or hat because its structure looks like a hat traditionally worn by police officers and firefighters in early times. It is made of cork and plastic. It protects the head from accidents and specific causes.

Why do the King’s Guard wear those hats?

The King’s Guard uniform was not designed for aesthetics but for a practical function, and the hats form a major component.

Five regiments of British Foot Guards have had the privilege of protecting King Charles III at her various castles and palaces: the Grenadier, Coldstream, Scots, Irish and Welsh Guards. These are the soldiers who get to wear those imposing bearskin hats.

With their typical love of understatement, the British Army actually refers to these huge hats as “caps.”  They were first worn by British soldiers in 1815, following the defeat of Napoleon’s forces at the Battle of Waterloo. The 18-inch-high bearskins made the French grenadiers seem taller, more intimidating. To commemorate their victory, the British adopted similar hats for the soldiers who guard royal residences.

Very few tourists who travel to London leave without a picture with some soldier of the King’s Guard in front of Buckingham Palace.

The Royal Guard of Charles III of England has one of the most characteristic uniforms in the world. The outfit was not made to have an aesthetic function but a practical one.

A look into the King’s Guard uniform

These same hats were already used in the Napoleonic wars, as well as by Napoleon’s Imperial Guard, who also came to wear them. They are called ‘bearskin’ hats because they are made from the skin of Canadian black bears and usually weigh almost one kilo and must be at least forty-five centimeters.

Fainting, in general, is not such an uncommon occurrence for those in the King’s Guard, who actually learn a “proper” way to go down. This summer, as temperatures reached record highs, many guards have fainted, highlighting the additional danger these suits pose to those wearing them as the climate warms.

Aside from the hats, the red suit is also a very recognizable part of their get-up. Red was selected because the dye was cheaper than other options, and being battle uniforms, the blood was less noticeable in that color.

Soldiers are allowed to yell, “make way for the queen’s guards,” in case there are tourists in front of them. If people do not heed or understand the order, they are allowed to push people. If any tourists act aggressively toward them, they can point their rifles at them.

The ceremony known as the changing of the guard takes place outside the palace building but inside its gates. If you are interested in viewing the changing of the guard without paying admission, you must make it to the palace around 10:30 any day of the week.





Які книжки читати: адаптовані чи в оригіналі?

Немає опису світлини.
 Пост тільки для тих, хто любить читати взагалі та хотів би навчитися вільно читати англійською – зокрема.
За роки викладання впевнилася, що діти, які добре знають математику, мають гарні успіхи з іноземних мов. От такий собі взаємозв’язок. І намагаюся донести секрет успішного навчання мови, який дуже добре розуміють музиканти та спортсмени – систематичні, регулярні заняття є суворою необхідністю. Коли настають канікули, а особливо літні, книжки з іноземної, зошити, навчання залишається у найдальшому кутку письмового стола. На жаль. Знаю багато сімей, де діти читають, бо їм цікаво ( батьки допомогли виробити звичку) або “бо мама так сказала”. Читати іноземною важко, але є вихід – адаптовані книжки на будь-яку тематику та смак. Вони дозволяють дитині або дорослому відчути задоволення від практичного застосування мови, пам’ятати вивчені слова, правила та конструкції. Все ніби добре. Для початківців та учнів початкового рівня – так. А далі? Пропоную Вашій увазі порівняння трьох текстів.
  1. Видавництво “OXFORD university press”, казка “Гидке каченя”. Перших кілька рядочків: “It is summer. A duck sits on her eggs. She sits and she waits. She waits and waits. At last the egg open.” Все зрозуміло, читати легко і приємно. Особливо, якщо Ви – учень другого класу, наприклад.
  2. Видавництво “Арій”, Київ: “It was lovely beautiful summer in the countryside. The weather was sunny and dry. People were working in the golden fields. A stork was walking on his long red legs. He was watching the people who were making aromatic hay in the meadow. … In that thick grass a duck sat on her nest. There were some eggs in the nest. The duck was waiting for her little ducklings. It was boring to sit on the eggs when other ducks swam in the moat.”
Що є тут? Значно побільшало слів. З’явилися Past Simple i Past Continuous, правильні і неправильні дієслова, складні речення і слова, які точно не вивчаються у школі – moat, наприклад. Звісно, можна було обійтися тільки Past Simple – адаптація ж. А потім, через роки, довго на уроках втокмачувати дітям особливості вживання Past Continuous.
Діти не вивчають мову – вони у ній живуть. Як потім пояснити дитині, що раніше читали тільки в Present або Past Simple, а тут ще з’явився якийсь тривалий час? Дитина ще і книжку принесе з улюбленою казкою і скаже: «Але ж тут написано ТАК!” Сказати, що раніше ти був недостатньо розумний, щоб засвоїти цей час?
Казка призначена для учнів початкових класів. Але адаптація різна і вимагає різного рівня знань. А потім діти виростають і постають перед необхідністю здавати тести та іспити, а там таке, чого вони ніколи не бачили! І займалися ж! Уроки робили, з репетиторами вправи писали… Всі дуже зайняті, але попри це вкрай необхідно впроваджувати культуру читання. Книга – це виховання душі, широкий світогляд, гарна багата мова, грамотне письмо.
Але повернемось до казки. На сайті казка виглядяє вже так:
“It was lovely summer weather in the country, and the golden corn, the green oats, and the haystacks piled up in the meadows looked beautiful. The stork walking about on his long red legs chattered in the Egyptian language, which he had learnt from his mother. The corn-fields and meadows were surrounded by large forests, in the midst of which were deep pools. It was, indeed, delightful to walk about in the country. In a sunny spot stood a pleasant old farm-house close by a deep river, and from the house down to the water side grew great burdock leaves, so high, that under the tallest of them a little child could stand upright. The spot was as wild as the centre of a thick wood. In this snug retreat sat a duck on her nest, watching for her young brood to hatch; she was beginning to get tired of her task, for the little ones were a long time coming out of their shells, and she seldom had any visitors. The other ducks liked much better to swim about in the river than to climb the slippery banks, and sit under a burdock leaf, to have a gossip with her. At length one shell cracked…”
Рівень тут точно не початковий. І цей уривок дуже мало схожий на два попередні. Одна й та сама казка. Для дітей, бо дорослі вже казок не читають. Але , часом, і дорослі, відкриваючи книжку в оригіналі, тихо впадають у відчай – стільки всього незнайомого! Як цьому всьому дати раду?! І через тиждень-другий закривають книжку. На жаль, надовго.
До читання книжок в оригіналі потрібно переходити якнайшвидше, а десь з сьомого – восьмого класу – вже обов’язково. Розбирати зміст і граматику, вивчати нові слова та конструкції, паралельно виконуючи вправи для засвоєння матеріалу. Потрібно усвідомити, що це не буде швидко. Але з кожним розділом, з кожною книжкою читання буде дедалі легшим та зрозумілішим. Учневі важко розкласти текст на граматичні складові, нелегко самостійно засвоїти слова, не зазубрюючи їх, не завжди зрозуміло, що робити з новими словами, якими не розмовляють у побуті. Потрібна допомога досвідченого викладача. Може, для читання всієї книжки або частини її. Це – не просто заняття, це – співпраця двох однодумців. Заняття можуть бути онлайн і тривати стільки, скільки цікаво буде працювати, а не визначений об’єм часу, який треба відбути. Заняття можуть бути у вигляді листування, коли учень отримує пояснення та завдання для самостійного опрацювання. В такому випадку завдань буде небагато, але виконання повинно бути систематичним. Запропонуйте такий вид роботи своєму репетитору або звертайтеся до мене. Багато учнів взяти, звісно, не зможу через фізичний брак часу. 😊 Обирайте улюблену книжку і – до зустрічі!
Ваша Діана Миколаївна Остачинська – онлайн репетитор англійської мови.
Немає опису світлини.

How one little boat (and me) held up miles of London traffic at Tower Bridge

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  12. = Snow White and the Seven Dwarts – Grimm’s Fairy Tales – Full Story
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Christmas Stories


Santa Got Stuck in the Chimney

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "Santa Got Stuck in the Chimney"

It was Christmas Eve. The children had hung their stockings by the fireplace and were all snug in their beds.

Sometime during the night, they were visited by a big, jolly, old man dressed in red. You got it, it was Santa Claus!

Santa and his bright red toy bag came down the chimney. This was his last stop of the night. First, he filled each stocking with special treats. Then, for each child, he left some gifts.

“A new bike for Suzie,” said Santa, pulling a beautiful pink bicycle out of his bag. “And, a train set for Billy.”

By the time Santa was finished his work, he was a little hungry. He spotted a glass of milk and a plate of goodies, sitting on the kitchen table.

“I’ll just take one,” said Santa, reaching for a piece of chocolate cake. “If I eat too much, I might get stuck in the chimney on my way out.”

The cake was so gooey and so good that Santa just had to have another slice. Soon, the plate was empty.

“Oh my!” said Santa, realizing what he had done. “I’m so full now!”

Santa got up from the chair. As he did, he heard it snap in two.

“Oh my!” said Santa again. “I’ve broken the chair!”

Santa gathered up his bag and went over to the chimney. With a twinkle of his eyes and a twitch of his nose, up the chimney he rose. However, he was only able to get halfway up the chimney before he got stuck. He tried to go further, but the further he went, the more he got stuck.

Oh no!” said Santa. “I’m stuck!”

No matter what Santa did, he could not get out. He dangled in mid-air with his big black boots hanging over the fireplace.

“I’m glad there is no fire on right now,” said Santa, after a few hours had gone by. “My feet would get pretty hot!”

Morning soon came. Suzie and Billy were quite anxious to go downstairs and see what Santa had brought them. They both went into their parents bedroom.

“Merry Christmas!” they shouted.

“Merry Christmas, children!” Mom and Dad said.

Within a few minutes, the whole family was downstairs. Suzie spotted the empty plate.

“Santa Claus was here!” she exclaimed. “And, he ate all the goodies.”

Billy noticed the broken chair.

“Yeah,” he said. “He ate so much that he broke the chair.”

Dad was by the fireplace. He had just placed some kindling into it and was about to strike a match, when he just happened to look up. He saw a pair of big, black rubber boots hanging down.

“That’s nothing children!” Dad said, tugging on one of the boots with all his might. “Santa is still here!”

The children rushed over to the fireplace. They helped Dad pull Santa out of the chimney. They tugged and tugged and tugged. Finally, down came Santa, with a crash.

“Ho! Ho! Ho!” he rang. “Merry Christmas!”

He was gone in a flash, this time, out the front door.

“What was all the commotion about?” Mom asked, coming out of the kitchen.

“Oh, it was just Santa Claus,” laughed Billy. “He was so fat from eating all your baked goods that he not only broke the chair that he was sitting on, but he also got stuck in the chimney!”

The whole family laughed.

A heavy thump, thump, thump was heard on the roof of their house and then a jingle, jingle, jingle and finally, a “Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!”


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shore / coast / coastline–84


  1.  Coastline is the area where the land meets the sea or
  2. The shore is where the water meets the land.
  3. The shore is the land at the edge of an ocean, sea or lake.
  4. The beach is at the edge of or along the shore.
  5. Nowhere in the UK is more than 113 KM ( 70 mi )  from the coast.
  6. Around 30 million people ( out of 60 million ) live on the coast of the UK.
  7. The U. S. Coast Guard can come to your rescue  along the coasts of the US.
  8. Cork is the second largest city in the Republic of Ireland. It stands on the coast.
  9. The coastline of Italy is around 9,226 km in length.
  10. The United Kingdom’s coastline is more broken than coastlines of many other countries.
  11. Much of UK coastline is accessible.
  12. The lifeguard may want you to swim back to shore and get out of the water.
  13. Yachts sometimes anchor near the shore. They need boats to get to the shore.
  14. They also must take their garbage ashore in the nearest port.
  15. Do you want to stay at a lighthouse hotel on the shore near the beach?


B  Coastline / sea / water / land / edge / Coast Guard / rescue / accessible / swim / shore / anchor / yacht / boat / port / lighthouse / beach

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Balloon Science Experiment


an empty plastic bottle


baking soda

small spoon

copy paper

permanent marker



glue stick

  1. Cut a thick strip of copy paper. Draw a shirt for the front of your empty bottle. Glue the paper around the empty plastic
  2. Using your permanent marker, draw a face on your balloon.
  3. Pour 1/2 cup of vinegar into your empty water bottle.
  4. Next, using a small spoon pour baking soda into your balloon until it’s about 1/4 the way full.
  5. Now you are ready to perform your science experiment! Carefully stretch the neck of the balloon around the neck of the bottle partially filled with vinegar, making sure to keep the baking soda in the balloon. When you’re ready, dump the baking soda into the vinegar and watch as your balloon (or in this case, face!) grows and inflates!
  6. balloon-long



TP Roll Bunny Egg Holders


  • toilet paper rolls
  • permanent marker
  • scissors
  • Instructions


    Happy Easter!

    Trace and cut out the bunny ears and 1 inch base from your TP roll. Make sure to leave the ears connected to the bottom of the roll.

  • Paint the ears and base all one color.
  • Paint the inside of the ears pink.
  • Use the permanent marker to draw a bunny face and put your egg in the holder.



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