1.  Coastline is the area where the land meets the sea or
  2. The shore is where the water meets the land.
  3. The shore is the land at the edge of an ocean, sea or lake.
  4. The beach is at the edge of or along the shore.
  5. Nowhere in the UK is more than 113 KM ( 70 mi )  from the coast.
  6. Around 30 million people ( out of 60 million ) live on the coast of the UK.
  7. The U. S. Coast Guard can come to your rescue  along the coasts of the US.
  8. Cork is the second largest city in the Republic of Ireland. It stands on the coast.
  9. The coastline of Italy is around 9,226 km in length.
  10. The United Kingdom’s coastline is more broken than coastlines of many other countries.
  11. Much of UK coastline is accessible.
  12. The lifeguard may want you to swim back to shore and get out of the water.
  13. Yachts sometimes anchor near the shore. They need boats to get to the shore.
  14. They also must take their garbage ashore in the nearest port.
  15. Do you want to stay at a lighthouse hotel on the shore near the beach?


B  Coastline / sea / water / land / edge / Coast Guard / rescue / accessible / swim / shore / anchor / yacht / boat / port / lighthouse / beach

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