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History of the 4th of July.

Christmas Stories


Santa Got Stuck in the Chimney

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It was Christmas Eve. The children had hung their stockings by the fireplace and were all snug in their beds.

Sometime during the night, they were visited by a big, jolly, old man dressed in red. You got it, it was Santa Claus!

Santa and his bright red toy bag came down the chimney. This was his last stop of the night. First, he filled each stocking with special treats. Then, for each child, he left some gifts.

“A new bike for Suzie,” said Santa, pulling a beautiful pink bicycle out of his bag. “And, a train set for Billy.”

By the time Santa was finished his work, he was a little hungry. He spotted a glass of milk and a plate of goodies, sitting on the kitchen table.

“I’ll just take one,” said Santa, reaching for a piece of chocolate cake. “If I eat too much, I might get stuck in the chimney on my way out.”

The cake was so gooey and so good that Santa just had to have another slice. Soon, the plate was empty.

“Oh my!” said Santa, realizing what he had done. “I’m so full now!”

Santa got up from the chair. As he did, he heard it snap in two.

“Oh my!” said Santa again. “I’ve broken the chair!”

Santa gathered up his bag and went over to the chimney. With a twinkle of his eyes and a twitch of his nose, up the chimney he rose. However, he was only able to get halfway up the chimney before he got stuck. He tried to go further, but the further he went, the more he got stuck.

Oh no!” said Santa. “I’m stuck!”

No matter what Santa did, he could not get out. He dangled in mid-air with his big black boots hanging over the fireplace.

“I’m glad there is no fire on right now,” said Santa, after a few hours had gone by. “My feet would get pretty hot!”

Morning soon came. Suzie and Billy were quite anxious to go downstairs and see what Santa had brought them. They both went into their parents bedroom.

“Merry Christmas!” they shouted.

“Merry Christmas, children!” Mom and Dad said.

Within a few minutes, the whole family was downstairs. Suzie spotted the empty plate.

“Santa Claus was here!” she exclaimed. “And, he ate all the goodies.”

Billy noticed the broken chair.

“Yeah,” he said. “He ate so much that he broke the chair.”

Dad was by the fireplace. He had just placed some kindling into it and was about to strike a match, when he just happened to look up. He saw a pair of big, black rubber boots hanging down.

“That’s nothing children!” Dad said, tugging on one of the boots with all his might. “Santa is still here!”

The children rushed over to the fireplace. They helped Dad pull Santa out of the chimney. They tugged and tugged and tugged. Finally, down came Santa, with a crash.

“Ho! Ho! Ho!” he rang. “Merry Christmas!”

He was gone in a flash, this time, out the front door.

“What was all the commotion about?” Mom asked, coming out of the kitchen.

“Oh, it was just Santa Claus,” laughed Billy. “He was so fat from eating all your baked goods that he not only broke the chair that he was sitting on, but he also got stuck in the chimney!”

The whole family laughed.

A heavy thump, thump, thump was heard on the roof of their house and then a jingle, jingle, jingle and finally, a “Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!”

International Day of Happiness

International Day of Happiness is celebrated on March 20 of every year. International Day of Happiness was introduced by the General Assembly of the United Nations through seminars and educational tips with the aim to educate and improve public awareness of the benefits of happiness. In the Himalayan region of Asia, Kingdom of Bhutan bought the idea. Only there the population is thought to be the happiest in the world due to the holistic approach to life. The amount of importance which placed on the well-being of people and communities with material wealth. The day will be very useful to everyone’s reminder that in general happiness does not necessarily come from buying and consuming and also from being famous but often from friends, and emotional well-being. Internationally, there are many events including websites in which people may participate happiness.

Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.” – Robert A. Heinlein,

History of International Day of Happiness

International Day of Happiness was introduced by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 2011 relating to the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution which recognized happiness as a “fundamental human goal” and called for a more inclusive, equitable and balanced approach to economic growth that promotes the happiness and well-being of all peoples. UN Conference on Happiness took place adopted a resolution decreed the International Day of Happiness would be observed every year on 20 March. It celebrated for the first time in 2013. That can designate as a special day; the UN focuses the world attention on the idea that economic growth must be inclusive, and balanced, equitable, such that it promotes sustainable development. Including the UN acknowledges in order by attaining global happiness, economic development environmental well-being.

International Day of Happiness

How to Celebrate the International Day of Happiness

Celebrating the International Day of Happiness is simple and easy. Arrange a Get-together with friends, family, and colleagues with the list of music,, books and activities that make them feel alive with happiness. Smile or say hello to at least four people who pass by without a comment. Inviting friends and family to a meal whether it’s home-cooked, potluck at an office and also at a restaurant. Peoples can use #InternationalDayofHappiness to express their feelings on social media’s.

Snowman Burning Day

Snowman Burning Day is celebrated on March 20th of this year. It is an annual festival that is observed on the first day of every Spring. The chill and snowy winter season have finally come to an end and its time for us to say a warm hello to the Spring. So, you must get ready to feel the warmth, the brighter sun, colourful garden with flowers, leaves, fresh air, and the smell of soil. Pack up all your winter clothes to enjoy sitting in shorts, and It is indeed must to celebrate the change of the seasons with a special day in the calendar. Thus comes the Snowman Burning Day which is a celebration that marks the ends of winter and the beginning of spring.

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’” – Robin Williams

History of Snowman Burning Day

The Snowman Burning Day was first celebrated in the year 1971. The Unicorn Hunters at the Lake Superior State University (LSSU) have established the Day. It has been in celebration on the first day of Spring since then. The inspiration for this unique traditional celebration Day has come from Germany’s Rose Sunday Festival. Thus the mayor of each town will burn a straw filled snowman if the children of the town have well behaved all the year. It is believed that the smoke coming from the bonfire is thought to ward off the blizzards and escort throughout the spring season. So a final goodbye is given to the last icy snowman of the year by setting it fire and watch it burn.

Snowman Burning Day

At present, the snowman is made of paper, wood, wire and decorated with paints to resemble like the real snowman. Snowman Burning Day is traditionally celebrated by the people of American and Swiss to mark an end to winter. In 1922, this celebration was cancelled due to environmental concerns, but people have brought it back as it is a traditional feast. The Unicorn Hunters will organize events and traditions activities including the annual poetry competition on this Day. People from the community can compose poems about the snowman burning and read them while at the event.

How to Celebrate Snowman Burning Day

The best way to celebrate the Snowman Burning Day is to burn a snowman depicting model. Get to know about the snowman burning and its history in detail. You can visit Lake Superior to participate in the events on this if you are affordable and watch the traditional snowman burning. Other can design a flammable snowman and invite friends to burn it as a way to welcome the spring. Write a snowman burning poem or let others write it to read it out loud to enjoy this Day. Share your welcome message for the spring on the social media on this feast using the hashtag #SnowmanBurningDay.

World Storytelling Day

World Storytelling Day is celebrated on March 20th of this year. The Day is annual commemoration celebrated on March Equinox or the first day of Spring. What do these lines “Once upon a time…” reminds you? Yes, it is none other than the stories. So all of us do love to listen or tell stories. Of course, most of us are grown up by listening to lots of stories. The love for the stories varies from every person as there are lots of genres. Storytelling needs little creativity and skill to express the story in the best way such that to impress the listener. So those who are good at telling stories can go forward as it is World Storytelling Day. Amaze others with the most inspiring story which you have known. Be lively by showing hand eloquence to express quality thoughts of your story. Make the listener eagerly wait for the next moment until you finish the storytelling.

“Storytelling is about two things; it’s about character and plot.” – George Lucas

History of World Storytelling Day

The exact year of World Storytelling Day (WSD) celebration is not known. However, the Day has got its roots from Alla Berättares Dag, or All Narrators Day that was held in Sweden in early 1990’s. The spirit of tradition behind this event has caught globally and thus came the WSD. It is a global celebration that aims at encouraging the art of oral storytelling and is celebrated every year on the March equinox, on/or near March 20 i.e., the first day of Spring. Each celebration of WSD since 2004 has a theme associated with it. On this Day, participants are encouraged to tell and listen to stories from different cultures and in different languages on the same day.

World Storytelling Day

The importance of the event lies in the fact that WSD is the found to be the first global celebration of storytelling of its kind. Participants usually will tell each other about their events to share their stories and inspiration and learn from each other as a way to forging links and create international contacts. So link up with other storytellers from around the globe who are also contributing to this Day as to make it a truly international festival. WSD is the best platform to creates new friends and promotes a positive understanding of different cultures from around the world. WSD celebration has also been considered significant as to draw public and media attention to storytelling as an art form.

Themes of World Storytelling Day

  • 2004 – Birds
  • 2005 – Bridges
  • 2006 – The Moon
  • 2007 – The Wanderer
  • 2008 – Dreams
  • 2009 – Neighbours
  • 2010 – Light and Shadow
  • 2011 – Water
  • 2012 – Trees
  • 2013 – Fortune and Fate
  • 2014 – Monsters and Dragons
  • 2015 – Wishes
  • 2016 – Strong Women
  • 2017 – Transformation
  • 2018 – Wise Fools
  • 2019 – Myths, Legends, and Epics

How to Celebrate World Storytelling Day

Celebrating the World Storytelling Day is quite simple. You can participate in the local Storytelling events in your region on this Day. Share your inspiring story with people at the event to share and enjoy. You can even organize a storytelling event and invite people to participate. On the other side, you can get to know stories even from other participants. Award prizes for the best story that depicts the culture and theme. You can share your stories and views about this Day on the social media using the hashtags #WorldStorytellingDay or #WorldStory18.

Kiss Your Fiance Day

Kiss Your Fiance Day is an annual celebration observed on March 20th. Are you engaged? Then its time for some love and romance. Those yet-to-be couples can share little of your lovely emotions in the form of a kiss. You just need not give any excuse to kiss your partner, instead take it at the right time to shower your affection and become a bit closer. Spend some time out of your busy wedding planning to relax and unwind with a genuine hug and kiss. Kiss Your Fiance Day is especially for all those who are yet-to-be life partners to enjoy each other.

“A kiss makes the heart young again and wipes out the years.” – Rupert Brooke

History of Kiss Your Fiance Day

The history, origin, and the creator of the Kiss Your Fiance Day has been not known. Also, there is no mention of the first observance of this Day. However, the creator of this Day clearly framed this idea for the couples to relax and spend some time for themselves before their wedding. Planning for the wedding is never been a simple task and is one of the most demanding occasion in the life of those who are about to marry. Besides all the busy schedules, this Day is a reminder to spend some time relaxing and have fun. Medical studies showKiss Your Fiance Day that kissing is found to have therapeutic values and relaxes one’s body and soul. There is no better way possible than to get your fiance closer to unwinding your love with a good kiss.

Kiss Your Fiance Day

How to Celebrate Kiss Your Fiance Day

Celebrating the Kiss Your Fiance Day is quite simple. Have your wedding plans aside, take your fiance out to somewhere to exchange some good kisses. You can go on a date rather to places like to a cafe, restaurant, or cinema to spend some time relaxing. Take your fiance for a surprise candlelight dinner, and never hesitate to propose, hug, and kiss softly. Present a gift or two that reflects your love for your loving partner. Use the hashtag #KissYourFianceDay

Ravioli Day

National Ravioli Day is a food feast celebrated on March 20th of every year. Pasta is one most popular food item preferred and eaten by many. Those pasta lovers would have known about one famous Italian pasta dish named Ravioli. It is been relished by millions of people not only in Italy but also from all over the world. Ravioli if often a homemade preparation and is a dumpling with fillings. Although, the fillings vary from place to place Ravioli makes the best pair of broth or pasta sauce. Pick your favorite Ravioli fillings from cheesy to meaty in square or circular shape. Bite to eat some finger licking, soft, delicious Ravioli as to treat yourself on National Ravioli Day.

“Pasta is the one food I can’t live without. It’s the food I eat to fuel my running.” – Joe Bastianich

History of National Ravioli Day

The history and origin of the National Ravioli Day are not precisely found. Also, there is no record found about the first occurrence and the person who has created this Day. However, the history of Ravioli is rich, and that would be the reason for this food feast. Ravioli are one of the traditional recipes from the Italian cuisine. It is a type of dumpling made of a filling sealed between two layers of thin egg pasta dough. The Ravioli will usually be served in either in a broth or with a pasta sauce. Ravioli are typically made into a square shape. In the present day, this Italian filled pasta is available in circular or semi-circular shapes.

National Ravioli Day

Ravioli are often served as the main course, a side dish or even an appetizer. It is baked or deep fried in many popular recipes. The Italian filled pasta is also served as a dessert with the addition of chocolate, cream cheese stuffing and a caramel sauce. Traditionally, Ravioli are made at home, and the filling varies according to the area where they are prepared, and it ranges from meet to cheese and chocolate. The filling is made with ricotta cheese, nutmeg, spinach, and black pepper in Rome and Latium.

Whereas in Sardinia, ravioli are usually filled with the ricotta and grated lemon rind. The machines are involved in mass-production of Ravioli in the modern-day. Other fillings include beef, chicken, processed cheese, or Italian sausage and are served with a tomato, tomato-meat, or tomato-cheese sauce. In some parts of the world, Ravioli has been breaded and deep-fried to serve it as a snack food or appetizer. The earliest known mention of this Italian filled pasta appeared in the 14th century.

How to Celebrate National Ravioli Day

Celebrating the National Ravioli Day is quite simple and easy. Firstly, you must eat some Ravioli from your favourite restaurant. Take this Day to perfectly enjoy eating some different Ravioli recipes like Ravioli Lasagna, Easy Ravioli Bake, Ravioli Dolci or anything you haven’t tried eating. You can also prepare Ravioli traditionally at your home although you need little patience. So get to know about the Ravioli, its variants, and its making to prepare homemade Ravioli dish. Dump your favourite fillings and make it either sweet or savoury. Serve this Italian pasta recipe to your family to make them enjoy this delicious pasta dish. Bake it or add chocolate and cream to serve it as a snack food for your children. You can share your Ravioli Day celebrations, photos and your views on the social media using the hashtag #RavioliDay.


Proposal Day

 National Proposal Day is celebrated on March 20th of this year. It is an annual celebration that falls on the first day of Spring or March Equinox. It is a known fact that marriage makes a man complete. So marrying the love of life is the best way to make that relationship lasts forever. But most of you would have hesitated to ask or show the sign that you are ready for the marriage life to your partner. There will also be some situations where your partner wouldn’t have shown any positive sign for the commitment or you wouldn’t have noticed it. Even the subtle hints and signs would not have worked thus requiring a more direct approach to open up your heart. Those who have so far waited patiently for that special someone to pop the question can go ahead. National Proposal Day is just for all of those people to make a marriage proposal. So you can set aside for future bridegrooms to stop hesitating as the perfect time to ask that question.

“My most brilliant achievement was my ability to be able to persuade my wife to marry me.” – Winston Churchill

History of National Proposal Day

The National Proposal Day was established by John Michael O’Loughlin. The Day is celebrated on both the Vernal Equinoxes (the first day of Spring) and Autumnal Equinoxes (the first day of Fall). As with the Spring, this Day is celebrated on March 20th of this year. There is no mention of the first observance of this Day. Proposal Day has been created as a way to encourage people to a marriage proposal to their significant others. So those who have waited for a day to pop the question can take this Day as the best chance to ask the significant other to marry you. Let your loved one in your life know that you are open to a marriage proposal. Everyone who is ready to propose can make your marriageable let know that you are interested.

National Proposal Day

Many a time, people would have thought to propose in a romantic way but the problems are the lack of self-confidence and courage to propose. But now with the Proposal Day, they have got a unique way of proposing to the partner by being in a large group all doing it together. So talking to your long-term significant other about your future together will no more be a difficult task. A proposal for marriage is performed by an engagement ring in many cultures. It is the male partner who will make the proposal traditionally. The ring will be usually be worn by the female partner for the time in the acceptance of the proposal and the wedding ceremony. But there are some countries where the woman can propose marriage to her man. However, on this Day, there are no longer set in stone and men as well as women can propose marriage to their significant others.

How to Celebrate National Proposal Day

The best way to celebrate National Proposal Day is to do a marriage proposal to your partner. Take this Day as the best opportunity for expressing or asking your marriageable about the life of your together. Those who wanted to propose in a romantic way can opt for the flash mob. Think of the way you are about to propose like if you’re about to put a ring, then take your significant other to a candlelight dinner. Give a bouquet of flowers and pop the question, ‘Will you marry me?‘ You can even prepare a favourite recipe for your partner. Express your feelings why you choose to settle down with your partner in the best way. Share your celebrations on the social media using the hashtag #ProposalDay.

Frog Day

World Frog Day is an annual observance celebrated on March 20th. Unlike other animals, not all of us love frogs obviously with their look, appearance, and especially the croak-croak sound. They are most often tiny, short-bodied creatures and will make us shrink the face. Frogs are amphibian creatures found both on land and water. They are found to be the predators and are playing a vital role in maintaining the environment throughout its lifetime. But in the recent years, frogs have been threatened with extinction for numerous reason. World Frog Day is an awareness Day celebrated in a way to save these living creatures from any further plight and to provide them with a safer environment to survive.

“I’d kiss a frog even if there was no promise of a Prince Charming popping out of it. I love frogs.” – Cameron Diaz

History of World Frog Day

The World Frog Day has been in celebration since the year 2009. There is no exact mention of the person or the organization who has come up with this awareness Day. The Day is created with an intention to save the different varieties of frogs from being extinct. Frogs are tailless amphibians whose origin dates back to nearly 256 million years ago. They have been valued as food by the humans and also have many cultural roles including literature, symbolism, and religion.There were approximately about 6,000 known species of frog found in which 4,800 recorded frog types found worldwide except Antartica. But in the past decade, approximately 170 species of frogs have become extinct. The reason for its decrease in the population varies as they are dying out due to both human activity and fungal infections.

World Frog Day

Since the 1950s, frog populations have been declined significantly, and about one-third of the world’s species are found to be threatened with extinction. Whereas since the 1980s, over one hundred and twenty species are believed to have become extinct. The decline in the population of frogs has been attributed to emerging fungal disease, habitat destruction and modification, pollution, climate change, pesticide use, and more. More notably all these led to a rise in the number of malformations among frogs. In the recent years, World Frog Day is considered to be the world’s largest day for amphibian education and conservation action. People and various organizations are using this awareness Day to focus on the universal decline in the population of amphibians in the locations across the world.

Numerous conservation biologists are actively working from all over the worlds to find and understand the causes of these problems and the ways to resolve them. Frogs of one species or another can be seen on every continent, except Antarctica. Frogs are tailless amphibians of the order Anura. They are widely distributed, ranging from the tropics to the subarctic regions, but the greatest concentration of species diversity is in tropical rainforests. The oldest fossil of the “proto-frog” had appeared in the early Triassic of Madagascar. However, the molecular clock dating suggests the origin of the frog might extend further back to the Permian and is approximately 265 million years ago.

How to Celebrate World Frog Day

Celebrating the World Frog Day is quite simple. Get to know about the frogs, their, habitats, types, and its environmental roles in detail. Raise awareness about the decline in frog’s population and the importance of saving them among the community. Ask them to protect this incredible creature rather than killing them. Help in bring some environmental changes such as reducing pollution, pesticide usages to prevent them from being killed as they are the major threats to the frogs. Buy soft toys depicting frog and gift your children and ask them to draw some pictures of the frog as a way to make them love even these detested creatures and know their importance. Share your views about the Frogs and Frog Day on the social media using the hashtag #WorldFrogDay.

Clients Day

International Clients Day is celebrated on March 19th of every year. No matter whatever business you are doing, the clients make it a whole. Customers are playing the most important role in any organization or company. Let it be a small firm or the office with thousands of employees, and it is the support of the customers that have made you achieved your position. Customer’s role is the quintessential thing for every development in your business development. It is indeed vital to thank those invaluable clients who are letting you achieve your business goals. Thus the companies and entrepreneurs are encouraged to express your gratitude and appreciation to your customers on the International Clients Day.

“The relationship between a client must be ‘we.’” – Billy Baldwin

History of International Clients Day

The International Clients Day has been in celebration since the year 2010. An organization from the Klaipėda, Lithuanian has founded this Day for the clients. The businessmen of the Klaipėda-based organization has come up with this idea as there is no day in the calendar that has been celebrating the clients. This new idea was born when they thought of how to celebrate the anniversary of its foundation. The goal of their celebration is to encourage all the companies globally to show more appreciation to their clients as they are the most valuable part of any business or organization. Thus on this Day, business organizations are encouraged to remember, congratulate and express their appreciation to the customers. The idea has soon recognized and was soon reported by several newspapers. The celebration Day was then permanently added to the Lithuanian calendar. Globally, all the organizations took this opportunity to express their thanks to their clients.

International Clients Day

How to Celebrate International Clients Day

Celebrating the International Clients Day is quite simple. Show your thankfulness to your clients in this Day. You can reward them with discounts, or special offers, and gifts as to show your gratitude for your customers. Send thank you cards or e-cards as a way to share your love and appreciating with your customers. Chose the gifts you prefer to give them in such a way that it will be useful to them. If you are running any company and if you haven’t celebrated your customers, then this Day is the best chance to share your thankfulness with your customers. Share your appreciation with your customers on the social media using the hashtag #ClientsDay.

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