My name is Fred. I live in London and I am 17 years old.

I wake up at 7 and I usually  get out of bed at 7.30. Then I come downstairs  and have breakfast.  Usually I have cereal  for breakfast  with orange juice.   But sometimes I have a toast  with usually jam or honey.  Then I pack my bag for school.   I walk because my school’s only … is only in the centre of the town  where I live.   So, it’s only 15 minutes’  walk in the morning, which is good because it means   I  can sleep later.

The school is quite old, it’s been a school for 400 years  and it’s got about  1000 students  there in 7 age groups  and it’s only boys there.  School starts at 8.30 and then we have two lessons  which go until 10.15.   at 10.45 we have break  for 15 minutes.  Then  11  till 12.40  we have two more lessons, and then lunchtime.  I can go into town to get my lunch, but most people  have to stay in the school  and eat the school food  and British school food isn’t very nice.  Then we have two more lessons   after lunch and  we finish school at 3.30.

Usually I come home and sort of relax  for  a  bit  and that’s usually  for maybe  an hour.  I read or watch television.

My Mum gets home about … usually between 5.30 and 6.  So we usually eat dinner about 6.30.