At Zebra Crossing

Look to the left and then to the right

See what traffic there is in sight.

Look what lights can be seen –

The red, the yellow or the green.

Red is – “dangerous”,

Yellow is – “ready”,

Green – oh, you may cross already.   ( V. Pool)


Busy Time

When I walk along my street

Many people I can meet.

Some are hurrying to school,

Others – to the swimming pool.

I meet grannies, dads and mums,

Children, babies in the prams.

Trucks and cars are rushing by,

Airplanes are in the sky.

It is so noisy now,

But at night – it’s quiet in town.   ( V. Pool )


In the Street

Trams and cars in our town

Run up and down, up and down.

Many children cross the road,

Without the parents they go.Stop! Don’t run across the street.

The lights are now not for it.    ( V. Pool )

We Thank You!

Bus driver, tram driver, driver of train:

They take us out and bring us again.

Tram conductor, bus conductor, train guard, too:

They look after us, tell us what to do.

Bus men, train men, tram men, too:

For everything you do for us we all thank you!   ( I.E.Cox )